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PostSubject: Searchlights   Thu 6 Nov 2008 - 10:00

This is a song I wrote, but it works just as well as a poem


The night has closed in on us,
We cannot see each other,
We're unsafe in this place, but we can't see past our eyelids,
We could escape, but they'd find us,
We could head home, but they'd find us,

They'd find us,
They'd find us,
They'll kill us,
They've found us!

We have no choice, run or fight,
We can't see, it's pitch black,
There's nowhere to go, they're closing in,
Grab your gun, I'll get my sword,
Together this is our last stand.

Are you die?
Are you ready....for this?
Are you cry?
We are die.

They'd find us,
They'd find us,
They'll kill us,
They've found us!

They've found us, taking aim, pointing, shooting,
We're still here, they missed, now's our chance!

Shoot your gun, I'll swing my sword,
We'll fight them!
We'll kill them!
We've found them!

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