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 The Tower (Ever so slightly mature)

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PostSubject: The Tower (Ever so slightly mature)   Thu 6 Nov 2008 - 10:01

This one is more a song I wrote, than a poem, hence the repetitiveness at the end...

The Tower

Locked in this cell, in the dungeon of Death Tower,
I go over in my mind, the thoughts of how, and why,
And my conclusion is this: You can't control me,
You can't stop me, you will inevitably fail,
I will break free and kill you.

I'm coming for you, you'll never notice,
You'll get what's coming, you'll never realise
I'm coming for you, you'll never escape,
I'm coming for you, go run, try to hide.

The guard is asleep, I will break from your tower,
The thought in my mind are both revenge and freedom,
You will not know it, but I am a free man,
you will not see me, when I creep up beside you,
I have broken free, I will kill you.

i'm coming for you, you'll never be free,
I've come for you, drop to knees and beg forgiveness,
How shall I kill you, I'll give you the choice,
I'm coming for you, so run rabbit, run.

No cell can contain me, no rules will guide me,
No man will stop me, I'm coming to kill you.

I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
So go run

I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
So go hide

I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you
I'm coming for you

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The Tower (Ever so slightly mature)
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