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 camera obscura.

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PostSubject: camera obscura.   Sat 15 Nov 2008 - 16:56

[based off of the game fatal frame.]

this summer could change a few teenagers' lives.

a tour for a group of high school students are getting sent of to japan for a field trip to see how the older parts of the country and it's history and religions. in one particular area, a village known as all god's village, is rumored to be haunted by poltergeists - the reason why? no one who has entered the village has ever come out. thinking it was a local rumor, the school funded the trip and sent the teens on their merry way.

little do our visitors know that a regular scientist who had once visited the village left behind what are known as a camera obscura before his last breaths of life. this camera was invented and able to see the spiritual realm that would be invisible to the naked eye until until looking through the camera lens. this device is used to seal the souls of the dead.

to survive the village, the teens must find these cameras and fight their way out of the village trapped in an never-ending night. the village is trapped on the night that a ritual was to be performed until the entire thing went wrong. a sacrifice went missing, and the back-up ritual had failed.

the teens will soon find out more about this taboo village than they would ever hope to expect from a simple school tour.

;) i'll be glad to put up more details if this gets enough interest.

for now:
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camera obscura.
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