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 Debate Guidelines

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PostSubject: Debate Guidelines   Tue 16 Dec 2008 - 12:36

By posting in the Debate forum you agree to abide by the guidelines listed here, and agree to the consequences that will follow if you should act not in accordance with these guidelines. Each situation will be handled as an individual case, and attempts to find loopholes will be considered as offenses. The Site Rules are effective here as they are elsewhere. Whatever they do not cover should be checked for in the original Rules and Regulations. Anything else left in question should be brought to the any of the mods for resolution.

What is NOT Allowed:

  • Swearing and hate speech.
  • Profiling of any social groups (by skin color, origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, political orientation, etc).
  • You need permission from Mike to join the debate forum.
  • Personal attacks. Consult the list of fallacies and avoid them.
  • Personal defense. If you are attacked, DO NOT RESPOND to the attack. Notify a Mod to have the issue handled.*
  • Defamation. Defaming any person, alive or dead, is not an acceptable topic of discussion.
  • Posting in a debate topic after being prohibited from it.
  • Failing to abide by warnings or requests given over PM or within the debate topic by Mods.
*Personal defense is equivalent to personal attack in its negative effect on the community, and will be punished as harshly.

Consequences do not follow a specific order, nor are they directly tied to any of the aforementioned banned actions. Each case will be considered individually, and any number of the consequences may follow.

  • Receiving an unofficial warning regarding the problem.
  • Being prohibited from posting in the debate topic where the problem occurred.
  • Having the debate topic locked.
  • Being prohibited from posting in the Debate forum for some time period.
  • Graduating to an official warning from Mike, and being subject of a Ban.

What Does That Leave?
Many topics are perfectly fine, and the best debates are spurred by questions, like "Why were so many records set in 2008 Olympic swimming?" or speculation as to "Which policies will America's next President change?" or "Where is the economic world market heading?" or even such abstractions as "What is the meaning of life?" or "What is the best social structure?". If a topic does not adhere to the rules, it will be locked and the author contacted to change the title and preface, before the topic is reopened. PMing a Mod in the case of any situation not dictated by these guidelines is encouraged. These guidelines may be augmented, and any changes will also be quoted as replies to this message. Any cases of unfair or questionable treatment from Moderators should be brought to Mike's attention.


A reminder to everyone that there are no "judges" for these debates, so in most cases there will be no final or correct response. As such, please accept that there will be contrasting views, and that your idea or opinion may have logical loopholes for someone else to exploit in their argument. Such is the nature of debate.

(These rules belong to RPGFO and as such are the copyright of said Forum. I use them because they accurately portray what I want from this forum)

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Debate Guidelines
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