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PostSubject: Off Topic Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING   Sun 2 Nov 2008 - 16:55

I've been made aware of the lack of a definitive rules thread in the Off Topic section.

Of course, the rules and regulations of Keywork Forums must be obeyed, as is the same for every other section, but I have some additional Off-Topic specific rules.
(Some of these are obviously forum rules, but I'm making them more relevant to this section)

1: Blatant Spamming
Blatant spamming to gain posts or credits is not allowed as per the site rules. In addition to this, posting up any form of code to enable access to free credits, posts or otherwise is not allowed.

2: Offensive Language and Behaviour
If anyone is found being offensive or threatening, then they will be removed from the site as per the site rules. This is unacceptable anywhere on the site.

UPDATE: Swearing is allowed, but in moderation. If I or MandaConda find anyone being overly sweary, aggressive or violent, then action will be taken.

3: Advertising
No external sites may be advertised in this or any section. Any links posted that are not a photograph of a member or something generally relevant or funny will be removed.

4: Swearing
Swearing can be offensive to some people, so I would appreciate it if swearing was kept to a bare minimum, and kept relevant to the thread it is in. I will be closely monitoring all threads to ensure that this is the case, and editing posts if they are found to have obscenities which are irrellevant and/or plain offensive. Members found to be doing this will also receive a private message reminding them of the rules.

5. Inappropriate images
These are STRICTLY PROHIBITED on this site, and if these are found on any of the off-topic threads, swift and firm action will be taken by Mods and Administrators.

There are minors who access this site, and it is wholly inappropriate to post images that may cause distress, not only to the younger members of the site, but older ones too. Because this site is accessed all over the world, the laws regarding these kinds of images are different, so they must not appear AT ALL on this site, for the protection of members

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